Benefits of Building a Custom Mountain Bike

WARNING: Custom builds are not for the faint of heart!

When you buy a new complete stock bike the components the bike comes with is dependent on the build level and price of the bike, ie low, mid or premium components, such as brakes, drivetrain, suspension, wheels/hubs/tires, stem/bars/seat post and  other components. If any upgrades to the offered build level are are desired, that is an additional cost. Or you can move up a higher component build level offered by the manufacturer for an additional cost.

If you want even better components, such as some of our preferred items used on our builds such as, for example, Industry Nine hubs/wheels, Hope Tech 3 E4 and Shimano XTR brakes, Sram XX1 drivetrain, Wolf's Tooth, titanium fasteners, Race Face Next SL or Six C cranks, Fox Racing Shox Fit4 Float Factory Forks, Fox Kabolt Axles, Rock Shox Pike forks, Syntace Hyflex P6 and Thomson Masterpiece seatposts, Cane Creek 40 and 110 Series headsets, Race Face Turbine and Renthal Apex stems, Renthal and Easton carbon bars, bearings, axles, headset & spindle greased with with AMSOIL Dominator Racing Grease, Schwalbe Snakeskin Pacestar EVO TL Easy Tires, Orange Seal and Rock"n"Roll Gold Chain Lube, for example, then you either have to pay extra to have those parts purchased and installed or find the most expensive bike in that particular brand/model that is offered, which may not have all the exact components you want either. We know mountain bikers who have done just that, still had to do upgrades, and they ended up paying a lot more money than if they would have just bought a frame and performed a custom build with exactly the premium components that they wanted. Every serious mountain biker at some point will want to upgrade components, our mindset is why not do it right from the start and get exactly the premium level components you want for a reasonable price. This is the niche that we specialize in.

Another item to consider is the depreciation factor. Based on our experience new mountain bikes depreciate rapidly, although certain selected brands/models hold their value slightly better than others. We've purchased many popular brands/models of lightly used or new previous years models mountain bikes for approximately half of what the new retail price was just a short time earlier due to this depreciation factor. When we build a custom mountain bike from a frame utilizing our process of component procurement, selection and assembly, a significant amount of the depreciation factor is already accounted for therefore you get more bang for your buck.  We focus on building the most popular brands and models with premium performance and component build levels.

" So you want to pull the trigger on a custom built mountain bike and reserve your spot. Nice! But get on it, we only take on 6 builds at any given time. We also have a  selection of pre-built custom mountain bikes ready to go in popular models, as well as Pivot and Santa Cruz frames ready for builds. This is our passion and we’re looking for customers who feel the same way."

We've built a lot of premium quality mountain bikes and with every build we end up having significantly less money, typically many thousands of dollars less, than what it would have cost to buy a new or used bike and upgrade it. It did not take us long to figure out the optimum choice is to simply purchase a frame and build the bike with premium quality and performance components. You save money, get the exact custom bike, performance level and components you want, spend maximum time out riding the trails and don't need to spend additional time and money later on with upgrades and downtime. Through our ultra efficient build process we pass the savings on to the customer. 

We realize building a custom mountain bike is not for everyone. For some, the optimum choice is to go to a quality bike shop or any of the many quality online retailers that provide excellent product and tech support and purchase a complete ready to ride mountain bike. When you're ready for upgrades or a custom build let us know.

We are at the leading edge of technology and innovation and cater to gear heads, technical and performance oriented type of mountain bikers who want maximum performance and premium quality brands with the optimum component mix to push the envelope.

Our builds utilize major brands of frames and components in either new or lightly used condition to build ultra high quality custom mountain bikes. We build all brands of bikes, focusing on the best performing and most popular brands and models.

We enjoy the process of selecting the frames and components, building the bikes, riding, making adjustments and being excited with the finished bikes which have the exact parts and components desired to achieve the performance, tuning and weight levels desired.

Take a look at some of our builds on our site, these are a small selection of the variety and types of custom builds we've completed. We typically have several custom mountain bikes of the same brand/model available in popular sizes to satisfy customer demand.

"We don't claim to be the undisputed kings of custom-built mountain bikes – although we’re pretty damn good at it. "

Please note although we build and sell many brands of mountain bikes, we are not an authorized dealer for any brand. Our frames are purchased either new from authorized dealers or new/lightly used from individual sellers, therefore there is no manufacturers warranty. The components we use in our builds are primarily new while some may be lightly used. BuildAMountainBike has our own warranty.